LEAP – Life, Electricity, Atmosphere, Planets


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Welcome to Our New Public Blog!

The LEAP Project is an astronomy related scientific project with a base at the University of St Andrews.

What is LEAP about?

“Charge processes in planetary atmospheres have always sparked fear and fascination. Lightning is a natural phenomenon with which we – here on Earth – grow up, but do we understand what it is? If nature is universal, lightning and charge processes should also occur outside our solar system. Where? Only in planets? Maybe not. The desire to understand the physics of lightning and it’s impact on its environment drives the LEAP project. Exciting question touch upon fundamental physics, numerically challenging models, on Mars storms, planetary atmospheres and volcano outbreaks. The ever so most exciting question is of course about the role of lightning processes for the occurrence of life.

The European Research Council under FP7 Ideas has embarked by funding this project in fundamental astrophysics in challenging times by noting-in-passing “The only risk is not doing it.” We also thank the University of St Andrews for hosting this project in an extraordinary supportive and stimulating environment.”

The purpose of the blog is to bring the work of the LEAP Group closer to the general public. We will post summaries of our latest results and publications. We hope you will enjoy reading about the fascinating world of exoplanetary atmospheres and what is beyond that!

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